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2020年の国際学会情報です[NEW!! 2020.1.20更新]

2017年04月07日(金)10:08 AM

[2020年 DNA修復に関する国際学会情報]

The 8th International Symposium of Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research
Gunma University, Japan
3 – 4 Feb,  2020  

4th DNA Repair/Replication Structures and Cancer Conference
Nassau, Bahamas
16 – 20 Feb, 2020

DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer
DNA Damage Responses, Cancer Susceptibilities and Therapies
EACR conference
DNA Damage Responses and Cancer: Innovations from Radiobiology to Radiotherapy
Cambridge, UK 
30 Mar – 1 Apr 2020
Genomic Instability
Genomic Integrity, DNA Repair and Human Diseases
Hong Kong, CN
2 – 7 Aug, 2020

Keystone Symposia
Genomic Stability and DNA Repair (S3)
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
20—24 Sep, 2020

The 19th Ataxia-Telangiectasia Workshop(ATW-2020)
the 11th international symposium on DNA Damage Response & Human Disease(isDDRHD-2020)
Shenzhen, China
29 Oct-1 Nov, 2020

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